Take the hard work out of scanning & distributing your physical mail!

The EzeScan Mailroom and Correspondence Automation solution helps you get your physical mail digitised and actioned faster.

With EzeScan and a high- speed TWAIN/ISIS compliant scanner or MFD, your mailroom staff can quickly digitise incoming mail.  The user interface makes it easy for an operator to capture and distribute mail along with all the document housework like image enhancements, rotating, appending, replacing or inserting pages.

Distribution workflows can be selected to allow automated notification and distribution.  End users can view, action and register their mail in EzeScan’s Remote Indexing WebApp on any device from any location. Automated business intelligence ensures your documents are named and filed correctly into your EDRMS if required.

EzeScan Digital Mailroom will:

  • In the age of COVID, minimise physical contact during mail distribution
  • Provide instant recipient notification using a web browser app
  • Initiate faster business transaction processing
  • Streamline end user self-registration of mail into your EDRMS
  • Automatically initiate EDRMS record actions or workflow on mail
  • Reduce the risk of lost mail
  • Align business processes with governance, regulatory and digitisation standards